Cannabis Lotion Recipe: Your Choices in Seattle

cannabis lotion recipes seattle

Topical body care products enhanced with cannabis are a popular way to achieve greater relaxation and pain relief. Lotions, salves and body butters are a great way to use cannabis discreetly and with no tell-tale odor. If you’re interested in learning more about developing your own cannabis lotion recipe, here are some easy suggestions.

Use the Body Care Products You Already Love

The great thing about cannabis oil, concentrates and tinctures is how versatile they are. Many users of topical skin care products enjoy mixing oils, tinctures or concentrates directly into your favorite body butter, lotion or salve. 

Make Your Own Salve or Lotion From Scratch

For a basic recipe, gather coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax and a cannabis tincture. Mix the oils in a double boiler over low heat to protect the quality of your final product. Gently stir in the cannabis, then the beeswax until smooth. Cool the mixture for a cannabis-infused salve or add shea butter or cocoa butter while it’s still warm for a customized lotion. Once it’s cooled completely, transfer the mixture to sealable containers. 

Shop Your Local Dispensary

While perhaps not technically making your own, buying pre-made cannabis lotions, body butters and salves has considerable time, quality and financial benefits. Experimenting with homemade recipes takes time and guesswork to identify the ideal proportions for maximum effectiveness, which can be expensive when buying high-quality cannabis tinctures and concentrates. A reliable dispensary offers quality and selection.

Interested in Learning More About Cannabis Lotion Recipes in Seattle?

The Joint welcomes new and experienced cannabis users seeking the raw ingredients to craft cannabis lotion recipes at home. We also offer a highly curated selection of premium, ready-to-use lotions. As your local dispensary, we carry a wide range of effective cannabis products for your recreational and medical uses, including flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, extracts, tinctures, topicals, and vapes. Contact us today for all of your topical cannabis needs. 

Superior Cannabis Products for Sale by a Highly Regarded Local Dispensary for Your Homemade Cannabis Lotion Recipes

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Indica, Sativa & Hybrid Cannabis Strains: What Are the Differences for Seattle Buyers?

cannabis strains seattle

Whether you’re a new cannabis user or someone who’s well-versed in your preferred method of getting high, you might not know the differences between indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis strains. Not only are indica and sativa plants visually different in color, height and leaf shape, they vary in time to maturity, plant shape, flower shape and flower density. Each type also delivers slightly different effects and knowing more about that can give you a more satisfying cannabis experience.


For many cannabis users, indica strains provide pain relief. They also reduce nausea and anxiety. Indica strains have more CBD than THC, but there is a relatively narrow gap between them. Many people describe the high they get as mellowing and calming.


People who like sativa strains better often say it makes them feel more social and engaged. That higher level of energy may ease depressive symptoms and support creative thinking, too. Sativa strains have more THC than CBD, and there’s a wider gap between THC and CBD levels. 


Hybrid strains are cultivated using indica and sativa strains to achieve the effects of both in a single plant. Hybrids are versatile combinations that may provide both relaxation and mood improvement. New cannabis users are often recommended hybrid strains to start with, although hybrids also give experienced users a more customized high depending on their recreational and medical preferences. 

Wondering Which Cannabis Strain Is Best for You in Seattle?

Our budtenders at The Joint are welcoming and friendly cannabis users too, and we enjoy sharing our knowledge and expertise. As your local dispensary, we carry a wide range of superior cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, extracts, tinctures, topicals, and vapes. Our inventory has been carefully chosen to provide new, experienced and adventurous cannabis users with effective and satisfying highs. Contact us today to learn which cannabis strains are right for you. 

Discover the Cannabis Strains Cultivated to Deliver an Effective and Reliable High for Recreational and Medical Usage in Seattle

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Top Reasons to Buy Pre-Roll Joints from a Dispensary Serving Seattle

pre-roll joints seattle

Joints are one of the most traditional ways to enjoy cannabis, and they’re generally familiar to even the most novice cannabis user. Dispensaries generally offer pre-roll joints as well as the cannabis flowers, papers and grinders necessary for rolling them. Discover the benefits of choosing prepared joints over making your own for users of all experience levels.

Neat and Clean

Rolling your own joints to smoke cannabis can be messy, especially if you’re new to it. There’s some dexterity required to fold the paper and seal it without losing any of the ground cannabis. It also takes some practice to grind the cannabis and roll the joints well enough so that they burn properly for reliable effects. 

Time Savings

One of the most common reasons why people love already-prepared joints is that they are ready to use. When you want to smoke–to get a recreational high or to relieve pain, nausea or other medical symptoms–pre-rolls can be lit immediately for quick results.


When you buy cannabis that’s already prepared for smoking, it offers you the chance to try something new with minimal risk. Pre-rolls are competitively priced and allow you to experiment with sativa, indica and hybrid blends to find the strains you like best. 

Need a Reliable Source for Your Pre-Roll Joints Near Seattle?

At The Joint, our friendly, dedicated team is always excited to share their knowledge of cannabis and expertise in pre-roll joints with you. As a local dispensary, we carry a wide range of high-quality cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, extracts, tinctures, topicals, and vapes. We are committed to providing you with a carefully curated selection that satisfies your needs and interests, whether you are buying your first joint or are a long-time user seeking old favorites and new varieties. Contact us today to find the ideal joint for an effective high.

A Trusted Dispensary of Pre-Roll Joints for New and Adventurous Cannabis Users in Seattle

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What Makes Cannabis Edibles So Popular in Seattle?

cannabis edibles seattle

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis these days, but perhaps none is more exciting than edibles. Many people prefer them because of their reliability and versatility. Although it’s possible to make edibles at home, the process can be messy, time-consuming and require a lot of trial and error. Learn why cannabis edibles stand out.

There’s Something for Everyone

While pot brownies might be the first thing that comes to mind, edibles made with marijuana include a wide range of products. You can buy candy such as chocolates and gummies, chips, beverages, chews and baked goods. Flavors and textures range from sweet to savory, soft to crunchy, and everything in between. 

They’re Effective and Long-Lasting

Foods made with or infused with cannabis ingredients usually deliver a predictable high. And because of the ways it’s consumed, the pleasant effects generally last longer than other methods of using cannabis, such as smoking. This makes edibles an especially attractive choice for those seeking relief from chronic pain or serious medical conditions.

They’re Convenient

Packaged foods, snacks and treats that include cannabis make getting high discreet. There are no signature scent that will alert friends, family or neighbors to your activities. What’s more, there’s no additional accessories required to get a satisfying high, and no need to worry about set up, preparation or clean up. 

Ready to Explore the World of Cannabis Edibles in Seattle?

At The Joint, you’ll find a team of friendly, dedicated cannabis enthusiasts who love sharing their knowledge and expertise with you. We are your local dispensary with a wide range of quality cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, extracts, tinctures, topicals, and vapes. Our inventory has been carefully chosen to provide new, experienced and adventurous marijuana users with effective and satisfying experiences. Contact us today to discover the unique array of cannabis edibles we’ve curated for our customers. 

Delicious Cannabis Edibles Selected by Experienced Budtenders

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Learn How to Clean a Dab Rig in Seattle

how to clean a dab rig seattle

As much as it’s important to know how to use your dab rig safely and effectively to get the high you’re after, keeping it clean is just as important. It’s one of the most reliable ways to ensure your experience with cannabis delivers the potent results you want, every time. Here’s more information on how to clean a dab rig

Why Clean the Rig?

When the resins and other materials are left behind inside the rig, it affects the device’s performance and the quality of the vapor you get from it. In addition, the water inside the rig can become contaminated with bacteria, mold, and other hazards that can make you really sick. 

For Silicone and Glass Rigs

If you have a rig with any silicone parts, you’ll want to use a cleaning solution specially made for this purpose. This method also works with glass rigs. Start with a warm water rinse, then disassemble your rig. Immerse it and any accessories in the cleaning solution, and allow them to soak. With a cleaning brush or swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol, you can scrub away any stubborn residue. Give everything a soap and water wash, then rinse and allow everything to dry.

For Glass Rigs

Many people who enjoy using a dab rig prefer the alcohol and salt method of cleaning. Scrub away any residue, and then disassemble your rig. Place all the parts in a re-sealable bag filled with isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Seal the bag and shake it vigorously, and repeatedly, until the rig is clean. Remove the rig parts, rinse them, and allow them to dry. Using this method with silicone will damage it. 

Have More Questions About How to Clean a Dab Rig in Seattle?

The Joint is staffed by a highly experienced and dedicated team of cannabis enthusiasts who love sharing their knowledge and expertise with you. We are your local dispensary with a wide range of quality cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, extracts, tinctures, topicals, and vape. Our inventory has been carefully chosen to provide you with the effective high that you’re after. Contact us today, whether you have questions about how to clean a dab rig or want to learn more about the varieties of cannabis available to consumers.

Friendly, Expert Advice on How to Clean a Dab Rig from Your Seattle Budtenders

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How to Know You’ve Found the Best Legal Dispensary in Seattle

legal dispensary seattle

Whether you’re looking to use cannabis for relaxation and stress relief or to provide pain relief from the discomfort caused by medical conditions, finding the right products for your needs is essential. Even if you have a lot of experience in using cannabis in one way, an alternative method can provide a significantly different effect. Not every legal dispensary is the same, so here is what to look for as you consider where to purchase your cannabis.

Range of Products

A dispensary that stocks a wide selection of products is an ideal choice. Maybe you’re new to using cannabis or perhaps your needs or interests have changed and you want to switch from smoking to edibles or tinctures. Once you find a shop you like, it’s convenient to know they have all the cannabis products you could need, from the most gentle to the most adventurous.

Knowledgeable Budtenders

Visiting a dispensary where the people working there are highly familiar with the items they sell is a huge plus. From flavor to effectiveness, the cannabis you choose can have a broad scope of effects, and by talking with an expert staff member, you can be assured of getting the results you want. They can also guide you toward local growers, unique strains and answer questions about usage, dosing and potency so you know what you’re buying.

Convenient Location

A welcoming shop goes a long way in making new and experienced cannabis users feel comfortable while browsing and buying. Choosing to purchase your cannabis from a dispensary with a prime location makes it easy to include this errand in your day, whether you’re heading home from work or a doctor’s appointment. 

Are You Looking for a Trusted Legal Dispensary in Seattle?

The Joint takes great pride in being a local and reliable source of high-quality cannabis products. Our flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, extracts, tinctures, topicals and vape have all been carefully chosen to provide our customers with the effective high that satisfies their recreational or medical needs. Contact us today and let one of our expert budtenders show you why we’re a top legal dispensary.

Popular Legal Dispensary Serving Seattle Customers with Enthusiasm

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Shatter vs. Wax–Learn the Key Differences for Tacoma Cannabis Users

Even though you may quickly remember what joints, blunts and spliffs are, it can be harder to recall more specialized kinds of marijuana, such as shatter vs. wax. If you’re ready to take your marijuana usage to the next level, check out what you need to know about using these two concentrates for the most satisfying results. 

What Are They?

Cannabinoids, terpenes and other active substances are pulled out of the flower using chemical methods, and those extracts are heated to produce shatter and wax. Because of their strength–up to 80% THC–only small amounts are needed for the same effect of, say, smoking a joint. Marijuana users heat the concentrates with a dab rig for inhaled effects and an intense high. 


After the cannabis is chemically treated and heated, it’s a translucent golden concentrate that looks very similar to hard candy. One of the benefits of shatter is that it’s highly stable, and can withstand light and heat without losing its potency very quickly. On the other hand, the irregular way shatter breaks up makes it hard to obtain a highly accurate dose.


Like shatter, wax is chemically processed and heated to a rich golden color, but it is also stirred during preparation to prevent it from fully solidifying. Instead, it usually has a texture similar to peanut butter. As it’s more fragile, wax is highly affected by light and heat and loses potency more quickly than shatter. Many people prefer wax because it is easy to obtain a highly accurate dose.

Get Expert Help in Choosing Shatter vs. Wax Near Tacoma

The Joint has earned a great reputation for providing outstanding cannabis products to new and experienced users seeking recreational highs or relief from medical conditions. Our expert budtenders are happy to answer questions and make recommendations of flowers, pre-rolled joints, extract, edibles, vape, tinctures, topicals and even glass products. When you’re ready to discover the strength and flavor that concentrates can deliver, contact us to learn more about selecting shatter vs. wax for the cannabis experience you crave from a dispensary you can trust.

Discover How Shatter vs. Wax Can Meet Your Cannabis Needs Near Tacoma

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How To Pick Potent Pot

A Beginner’s Guide to Determining Cannabis Quality

Shopping for the best bud in your price range can be tricky, especially when you don’t know exactly what to look for. While prices on the recreational market range anywhere from $5-$6 per gram all the way up to $15-$20, not all grams are grown equally. Despite common belief, sussing out potency is more complex than checking percentage points on each sack. Not every gram that tests at “30%” will send you to the stars. And not every gram that tests at 15% will be bunk shwag (read more about this here). How can consumers navigate this occasionally overwhelming industry and pick out the most potent products? This guide breaks down the basic cues for quality when shopping for flower.

The first and most important lesson to internalize is know the nature of the products you’re shopping for. Cannabis is a crop, similar to fresh produce or flowers (the vase kind). Different growers in different environments with different methods produce radically different results. Just like no two fujis are the same in the apple isle, no two nugs will be exactly the same.

But cannabis products, just like produce, can be assessed for quality through visual cues you can implement in the store. Here are a few tips to distinguish the shwag from the fire:

Medical Marijuana Dispensary BellinghamFrost Factor

Frost is one of the biggest indicators of quality. You should be able to see the THC. Well produced flower should have visibly evident trichomes dusting the bud. The most concentrated amounts of cannabinoids live in the trichomes. The more visible the crystals are, the more cannabinoids were able to develop.

Side tip: when storing bud, avoid using plastic baggies. The static cling can pull those precious trichomes from the bud!


Weed comes in a lot of shapes, sizes, and colors. Different genetics can produce beautiful purples, reds, and oranges in the flower. But cannabis should never be brown. Brown or blonde colored weed can indicate light damage and a degradation of potency. Exposure to light and/or air is the fastest way to ruin your stash and destroy precious cannabinoids and terpenes.


This can be subject to personal preference, but dense bud signals advanced CO2 levels during the flowering process–an excellent indication of plant health and quality.

With denser buds, you’ll likely require a grinder to successfully break it apart. Some folks may have personal smoking preferences which lean toward fluffier nugs, but density can indicate well-grown product.

However, don’t confuse density for anything related to brick weed. Brick weed–found primarily on the black market–refers to cannabis condensed into bricks for travel. It’s the toker’s condensed milk. Low potency. Super dry. All around yukers peppers.

Density refers to the individual buds. Give it a feel; when you pick it up does it surprise you with its heft versus size? Good. But it should still look like a nug–not a cube.

Harvest Date

Numbers are one of the cooler things about legalization for Washington. But I’m definitely not talking about unreliable THC percentages. Rather, the most important number on labels is the harvest date. The birthday for bud. In this market, old weed probably won’t serve you well. While it’s true that proper storage means your bud will stay fresh for a while, the conditions of a retail dispensary will likely not provide the best storage for longevity.

See-through plastic bags allow light damage and tend not to seal as airtight as jars. This exposure to light and air decomposes cannabinoids and decreases potency after enough time. Dispensaries won’t often know harvest dates of a particular lot when they place an order until the product is sitting in the store. Or maybe a product doesn’t move as fast as expected. Whatever the reason, expect older weed to have spent time over-exposed to light and air.

But fresh weed won’t be great either. Bud needs some time to dry and cure. Different processes, strains, and environments can affect how long this takes. But drying should take at least 3-7 days, plus a month or so to then cure. Fresh flower won’t burn correctly, will taste and smell like hay, and won’t have fully developed its cannabinoids and terpenes yet. All that equals less potent pot.

If a product has a recent harvest date–say, within the month–check its stems to see if it had time to dry properly: if stems feel like a cooked noodle–that’s bad. That means the bud is still too moist before it was sealed and likely hasn’t had the proper time to dry out before curing.

If a product has an older harvest date than about the last six or more months, give the bud a pinch. Is it turning to dust and crumbling from slight pressure? Hard pass. That bud is going to be old and dry. 

It’s easier to home-cure fresher bud than to reconstitute dried dust. Fresher is generally better.

Trim Job

The really high potency parts of the plant exist in and on the bud itself. While fan leaves and stems do contain cannabinoids, it’s to a much lower degree. Sometimes those little baby leaves will be so caked in trichomes, the grower prefers to leave some on the bud. This indicates a well grown product, so flavor and potency won’t be compromised from a few leaves.

Plus, the degree of trimming can be indicative of the environment the flower was dried and dured in. In very humid climates, removing as much stem and leaf as possible is critical to helping the bud properly dry. But in dry environments (like Eastern Washington), leaving some leaf can help the bud from over drying.

The biggest thing to look for here is the care taken into the trim. Was the flower hand trimmed or machine trimmed? It can make a colossal difference in potency and yield. How can you tell the difference? Machine-trimmed bud tends to all look the same–like tiny pine trees.

Why is machine trimming an issue? Machines are programmed to treat each nug as the same nug. Same size. Same density. Same shape. So while it shaves away at a nug, machines tend to shake off and trim away all those delicious trichomes that make weed so potent.

Professional trimmers know how to handle each bud with care. They know where and when to trim–making sure to leave behind plenty of crystaly frost. Trimmers assess each bud’s shape, considering things like genetic structure and size, where the machine cannot.

Seeds and Stems

We’re talking about a plant here, so stems are unavoidable. And the bigger the nug, the larger the stem has to be to support it. So the presence of a stem shouldn’t deter you too badly. The presence of seeds however can indicate a lower quality product.

Seeds appear when male plants continue to grow and pollinate female plants. When a plant starts to develop seeds it spends more time on that growth than it does growing big, beautiful, potent flowers to be dried and smoked. There’s a time and a place for seed production, but it isn’t when you’re trying to smoke. If your bag is nothing but seeds and stems, stear clear–it isn’t worth your time.


In Washington, getting your nose on a product before you take it home is virtually impossible. Due to the nature of legalization in this state, we cannot have any open containers inside a dispensary at any time. But because of this, smell becomes more of a tell for quality.

If you’re looking at some beautiful product, sniff it out! Can you smell it through the bag or container? If yes: blamo! That’s an excellent sign that you’ve got some loud bud. If not, don’t stress–packaging may simply make smelling through the sack an impossibility, so ask your budtender! They likely have already interacted with the product and have some insight on quality, smell, and flavor.

Once It’s Home

There are a few more tests of quality that can’t legally be performed inside a Washington State dispensary which may help determine the quality level of your cannabis.

Your cannabis should break apart easily in a grinder, but without becoming dust. If it’s turning to a powder, you’ve picked up some dry herb and it will likely taste harsh with a lower potency.

Sometimes you just can’t tell until you taste it. So once you’ve lit up, check it out for harshness and flavor! You’ll realize right away if it isn’t burning or burns up instantly. One more tip: if your bud burns black, it’s probably not great–perfectly dried bud should smoke down to a white ash.

When In Doubt

Ask your budtender! Ask for a review from someone you know has tried that product before (likely the person selling it to you has). Even better than a random person, your budtender likely has the experience and exposure to be able to provide an accurate, helpful qualities of a particular product–just ask them to steer to the fire!