How to Pick the Right Weed Grinder for Flower Dispensary Purchases in Seattle

If you enjoy preparing your own cannabis, you know how important it is to find a flower dispensary you can count on. But equally crucial is the weed grinder you use. This tiny hand-held tool features a spinning plate with small sharp edges to uniformly cut buds into smaller pieces for use in joints, edibles and more. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your first weed grinder or upgrading to a better model. 

What Kind of Weed Grinders Are There?

When buying your first grinder for cannabis buds, you’ll find that metal or plastic models are common, although some higher end models may be made of wood with metal cutting surfaces. They generally come as 2-, 3- or 4-piece units. A 2-piece unit is the most simple, and more complex grinders may hold ground flower and kief, too. 

Manual Vs. Electric Models

Some cannabis users prefer motorized weed grinders if they will be preparing a high volume or are very particular about the consistency of the ground cannabis. Others choose manually operated models for quiet operation or so they never have to worry about batteries.


Weed grinders used for cannabis flowers are sold in a wide range of colors and styles. Since this is a tool you’ll probably use frequently, you’ll want a model that you enjoy looking at and feels comfortable in your hand. Some models are knurled around the sides for a non-slip grip, while others offer a see-through lid.

Ready to Shop for a Weed Grinder at Your Local Flower Dispensary in Seattle?

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