Indica, Sativa & Hybrid Cannabis Strains: What Are the Differences for Seattle Buyers?

Whether you’re a new cannabis user or someone who’s well-versed in your preferred method of getting high, you might not know the differences between indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis strains. Not only are indica and sativa plants visually different in color, height and leaf shape, they vary in time to maturity, plant shape, flower shape and flower density. Each type also delivers slightly different effects and knowing more about that can give you a more satisfying cannabis experience.


For many cannabis users, indica strains provide pain relief. They also reduce nausea and anxiety. Indica strains have more CBD than THC, but there is a relatively narrow gap between them. Many people describe the high they get as mellowing and calming.


People who like sativa strains better often say it makes them feel more social and engaged. That higher level of energy may ease depressive symptoms and support creative thinking, too. Sativa strains have more THC than CBD, and there’s a wider gap between THC and CBD levels. 


Hybrid strains are cultivated using indica and sativa strains to achieve the effects of both in a single plant. Hybrids are versatile combinations that may provide both relaxation and mood improvement. New cannabis users are often recommended hybrid strains to start with, although hybrids also give experienced users a more customized high depending on their recreational and medical preferences. 

Wondering Which Cannabis Strain Is Best for You in Seattle?

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