Shatter vs. Wax–Learn the Key Differences for Tacoma Cannabis Users

Even though you may quickly remember what joints, blunts and spliffs are, it can be harder to recall more specialized kinds of marijuana, such as shatter vs. wax. If you’re ready to take your marijuana usage to the next level, check out what you need to know about using these two concentrates for the most satisfying results. 

What Are They?

Cannabinoids, terpenes and other active substances are pulled out of the flower using chemical methods, and those extracts are heated to produce shatter and wax. Because of their strength–up to 80% THC–only small amounts are needed for the same effect of, say, smoking a joint. Marijuana users heat the concentrates with a dab rig for inhaled effects and an intense high. 


After the cannabis is chemically treated and heated, it’s a translucent golden concentrate that looks very similar to hard candy. One of the benefits of shatter is that it’s highly stable, and can withstand light and heat without losing its potency very quickly. On the other hand, the irregular way shatter breaks up makes it hard to obtain a highly accurate dose.


Like shatter, wax is chemically processed and heated to a rich golden color, but it is also stirred during preparation to prevent it from fully solidifying. Instead, it usually has a texture similar to peanut butter. As it’s more fragile, wax is highly affected by light and heat and loses potency more quickly than shatter. Many people prefer wax because it is easy to obtain a highly accurate dose.

Get Expert Help in Choosing Shatter vs. Wax Near Tacoma

The Joint has earned a great reputation for providing outstanding cannabis products to new and experienced users seeking recreational highs or relief from medical conditions. Our expert budtenders are happy to answer questions and make recommendations of flowers, pre-rolled joints, extract, edibles, vape, tinctures, topicals and even glass products. When you’re ready to discover the strength and flavor that concentrates can deliver, contact us to learn more about selecting shatter vs. wax for the cannabis experience you crave from a dispensary you can trust.

Discover How Shatter vs. Wax Can Meet Your Cannabis Needs Near Tacoma

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