Top 3 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis from a Seattle Dispensary

People use cannabis for lots of reasons, and whether you’re seeking reliable pain relief or just a way to take the edge off a long day, your Seattle dispensary can help. These are three of the most popular ways to get high, and with the advice and guidance of a skilled budtender, accessible to novice and sophisticated users alike.


Vaping is one of the most convenient ways to get high, and dispensaries stock a broad range of vape cartridges plus plenty of rechargeable and disposable vape devices. Shop flavors for every taste and pick out the devices that are practical, pretty or both.


As the demand for high-quality cannabis and exciting new strains increases, your dispensary is the ideal place to experiment with new-to-you flowers. Buy small quantities to try out unfamiliar sativa or indica strains or discover hybrids that cultivate the best qualities of each kind. Talk to your budtenders about your preferences and let them introduce you to comfortably familiar or exciting new growers and their flowers.


Maybe you don’t feel like making your own edibles or want the ease of prepackaged goodies to eat discreetly, away from home. Foods like candy and snacks made with cannabis make it easy, and your dispensary makes it quick and convenient to find what you like.

Ready to Visit Your Local Seattle Dispensary for Quality Cannabis?

The Joint carries a wide range of cannabis products for your recreational and medical uses, including flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, extracts, tinctures, topicals and vapes. We are your friendly local marijuana enthusiasts who offer individualized guidance for new and experienced cannabis users seeking something exciting from their Seattle dispensary. Contact us today to discover the most enjoyable and long-lasting cannabis treats, including candy, gummies and snacks.

Get an Easy and Effective High with Cannabis Sourced from a Dedicated Seattle Dispensary

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